women at manyatta bush dinner at fisi camp maasai dancers at fisi camp dik dik seen in fisi camp hawk seen on nature walk


Maasai village

Visit a local Maasai village where you will spend time with the Maasai gaining an insight into their lives and their culture. You may get the opportunity to milk sheep and the goats, watch as they bleed the cows, join the women in jewelry making, try your hand at making fire the old fashioned way with nothing but sticks.

Nature walk

Take a walk through the african bush with an experienced Maasai guide who will pass on his extensive knowledge of the animals you may encounter, learn how to track animals, which plants are used in traditional Maasai medicines and which are used in the many Maasai ceremonies.

Visit local school and Maasai market

Stroll amongst the busy fruit & veg stalls maybe pick up a few bargains. From there walk up to the top of the town for a visit to the local school, where the children love to meet and talk to visitors.

Bush Dinner

Enjoy an evening of African cuisine, sit under the stars, sample local food and the local Maasai brew. Be entertained by traditional Maasai dance.

Campfire Stories

After dinner join the Maasai around the campfire where they will enthrall you with stories of their culture and their lives.

Balloon Safari

A hot air balloon safari offers a different kind of adventure for wildlife viewing. The flight takes off just before dawn as the first rays of sunlight flicker across the skies. Experience the absolute stillness as you float above the plains and rivers of the Mara. After an hour of drifting wherever the air currents take you, with ample opportunities for photographs, the balloon lands and you toast your return to earth with a champagne breakfast before returning to camp.