sundowner at fisi camp

Speciality Safaris at Fisi Camp

Fisi Camp are now offering a selection of cultural safaris and activities

We want our visitors to get a complete picture of life here in the Mara; the magnificent wildlife that live on the wide open plains, the rolling hills and the bush as they co-exist with the Maasai people that also call this land their home.

In addition to game drives we also organise all types of activities, from short visits to a manyatta, the traditional homestead of the Maasai people, a full day of hillwalking, nature walk and manyatta visit, to several days spent exploring the local area and learning about the traditions & culture of the local Maasai people.

Three of our complete speciality safari packages can be seen below, please enquire for other options.

Maasai Cultural Safari

Experience the culture and age old customs of the Maasai people, see how they co-exist with the abundace of wildlife in the Mara. read more....

Educational Safari

Learn about the eco system in the Maasai Mara, the environment, the Maasai people and the wildlife. read more....

Photographic Safari

Five full days in the famous Maasai Mara reserve, allowing you quality time spent with the wildlife to get amazing shots, the photographers dream. Read more....